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Tomatoes on the vine



It is easily identified by being presented in a bouquet, so their best qualities are preserved. Especially tasty in its ripeness deep red color, is consistent, meaty and mild flavor.

It differs in its regular external form, medium or large size, red color and is notable for its long shelf life without refrigerators. Its flesh is soft and fleshy texture.

Its pear-shaped and red enable you to identify clearly. Its very thin and delicate skin fleshy, smooth taste and texture, make them ideal for grinding and scouring gazpacho with tomato bread. It also has the distinction of a long shelf life.



Their morphology is special and very characteristic. It is a result of irregular shape with deep furrows ending in the center oval and flattened at the ends. These grooves make it very recognizable and attest to their quality. Its color is deep green with touches approaching the black on top, one of its features is its intense flavor.

The rebellion tomato is a tomato ribbed, traditional type. It has a characteristic red color. The rebellion has an intense tomato flavor, a tough skin and a greater degree of consistency than a normal tomato, which makes it a long life tomatoes.



Tomato is a food with low calories. In fact, 100 g of tomato provide only 18 kcal. Most of your weight is water and the second constituent in importance are carbohydrates. It contains simple sugars that give it a slight sweetness and some organic acids that give the characteristic sour taste. Tomato is an important source of certain minerals (such as potassium and magnesium). From its vitamins include B1, B2, B5 and C. It also presents carotenoids such as lycopene (the pigment that gives tomatoes characteristic red color). Vitamin C and lycopene are antioxidants with a protective function of the human body. During the summer months, the tomato is one of the main sources of vitamin C. In the table to the right information on key nutritional constituents of tomato is provided.

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