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Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potato, such as potato, is part of the tuber. These two foods differ in shape and size, but the aspect that most distinguishes the sweet potato is its characteristic sweet taste. It is considered a variety of sweet potato or potato. This tuber is native to tropical America, where it is one of the staples of the diet. It Look very similar to the potato with a thicker skin and a more elongated look. The flesh is reddish orange. It has a very high energy content, mostly by complex carbohydrates (starch) and sugars. The latter are responsible for its strong sweet taste.


It is native to tropical America, is part of its most basic diet and from there it spread to the West Indies. Spanish colonists, led to the Philippine Islands and the Moluccas Islands. Later, the Portuguese sailors did reach India, China and Japón.

In countries like Mexico is essential in the diet of the people and especially the children, as it made jams and desserts made with them. It is very used in Peru and USA. In Spain the Sweet potatoes are linked to the idea of Christmas, the tradition of selling chestnuts and sweet potatoes in street.

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