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All products Balcon de Europa S.C.A. maintain a comprehensive quality control. The C.A.A.E. (Andalusian Committee for Organic Agriculture) certifies and warrants that all products shipped to our customers, come from organic agriculture. Their are several control methods: sample analysis, document control, control incoming and outgoing products. Also Ecobalcón not only is controlled by the C.A.A.E. Our company is regularly tests by an authorized laboratory to carry out theis kind of work. All these tests can be sent to our customers if needed. We have a technical department, its function is to control all processes from product application, subscriber and quality control in the field.

The Protocol IFS (International Food Standard) is a standard created by major companies German, French and Italian distribution systems governing quality management in companies in the food sector in order to achieve maximum security processes manufacture and handling of food.

Balcon de Europa S.C.A., is characterized by its spirit and commitment to quality based on a thorough survey of both crops and productions, and dedication to achieve a unique product.

Therefore, Balcon de Europa S.C.A. decided to implement the IFS certificate in order to meet the highest standards of quality and food safety,

It has earned the accreditation certificate, ensuring Balcon de Europa S.C.A. satisfies one of the highest standards in terms of food safety, quality of facilities and production processes for the manufacture of its products and is a recognition of the work from all departments of the company, is being made in this regard.

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