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Balcon de Europa S.C.A. is a cooperative dedicated to the production and marketing of organic products, whose main objective is to obtain a high quality food while respecting the environment and conserving soil fertility through the optimal use of natural resources; our philosophy is respect for the environment and the environment around us, excluding the use of synthetic chemicals and assuring an agricultural development and sustainable livestock.

Balcon de Europa S.C.A. was created in December 1981 by the union of a group of farmers, with the common goal of selling their products as directly as possible. From the year 1988 fruit and vegetables such as strawberries, potatoes and sweet potatoes were replaced by avocado and mango. In the same year the first exports began. The process was slow and complex adaptation he said both staff and facilities to the European market. In 1995, it was decided to do a study on organic production; several months after discussions with some farmers who accept the challenge of adapting to start organic farming. The first crop chosen was chosen avocado.

At present we have tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, zucchini, mango, beans, aubergine, potatoes, peppers, custard, beans, Chinese cabbage and pointed cabbage.

Balcón de Europa S.C.A. 2018
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