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Pointed cabbage

The pointed cabbage is one of the more than one hundred known varieties of cabbages and although relatively recent popularity among consumers, the supply of nutrients and food qualities are similar to other species of cabbage in the world. The content of nutrients and active ingredients that has a pointed cabbage is high, especially in terms of vitamin A and C. The phytochemical content contributes to the prevention of degenerative diseases and boost the immune system. In particular, it is also related to the prevention of certain cancers by the action of isothiocyanate, a phytochemical that inhibits the development of precancerous cells. Furthermore, the pointed cabbage has a high content of beta-carotene and sulfur derivatives, both antioxidant compounds.


Its origin is in the Mediterranean. Its expansion in Europe is produced in the sixteenth century. It belongs to the family Cruciferae, and dismisses the smell and taste typical of them. It is appreciates, commercially, its white inflorescence, the small size of the flower bud, the small compact trunk, and their size, from 800 to 1200 gr.

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