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Elongated fruit (30-38 cm), practically straight and collarless. Deep Green. Flesh whitish, quite watery. Very waxy, smooth and more or less furrowed skin. Fruit with high uniformity, firmness and very digestible.

It is a long, round vegetable at its ends, with about 20 cm long, green on the outside and a bland flavor.


Its origin comes from the South Asian tropics. The story says that was a key element in the feasts of the Egyptian pharaohs. Thanks to the Romans, the culture was spread throughout Europe and China.

Currently the main global producers are China, Turkey and Iran, although in Europe it is Spain. The ideal characteristics for growth are in the Andalusian and Canarian area, although the use of greenhouses has enabled growing under controlled climatic conditions where the soil and climate conditions are satisfied, that is, moderate temperature, high humidity, high brightness and loose soil, with plenty of organic matter and well drained.

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