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Broad Beans

The fruit consists of an elongated, more or less tubular, slightly outside cottony velvety inside, which holds the seeds in a row located sheath. Seeds are relatively flattened, kidney-shaped, and its extent depends on the maturity and variety. Its skin is yellowish green with gray in all youth and goes to brownish when ripe and dry tones. The interior of the seed cotyledons that are fed to the germ to make way for a new plant. Depending on the maturity of the fruit the texture can change: tender when young and tough and mealy when mature.


They are native to the Middle East, soon spread throughout the Mediterranean basin, almost from the beginning of agriculture. The Romans were the ones who selected the type of large flat Bean grain which is currently used for green consumption, extending through the Silk Road to China, and introduced in America, after the discovery of the New World .

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