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Green beans are characterized by flat pod, straight, light green, white wireless and grain. They have a length of 15-20 inches and have a mild flavor that can sometimes be sweet.

The round green beans are characterized by their green fruits, elongated cylindrical sheath, very tender, and without strands white seed.


It is believed that the green bean is native to America, specifically in the area of Mexico and Peru. Nevertheless, some historians claim that from Asia, China and India. What we do know for sure is that it began to be cultivated around the year 5000 BC This vegetable was one of the first foods they found the Europeans who came to America. Its introduction in Spain and the subsequent diffusion through the rest of Europe was in the expeditions to America that occurred during the sixteenth century. However, its use as a vegetable not begin until the nineteenth century. In fact, so far were grown only for its seeds.

The green beans were quickly accepted in Europe, unlike other food from America. Today, it is one of the most appreciated and consumed vegetables. Its consumption has increased considerably in recent years, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe.

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